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BioDynamic Integrated Therapy

A union of body and mind...

 Developed by Jackie Berman and Nancy Corcoran, a certified yoga instructor with over 25 years of experience, BioDynamic Integrated Therapy is an innovative program created to help clients reach internal balance and emotional strength through a unique convergence of mind and body, therapy and yoga.

The BioDynamic Integrated Therapy Workshop is designed as a skills development group that uses elements from yoga practice and principles from group psychotherapy to help individuals recognize the interconnectedness between their mental state and the effect that has on their bodies, facilitating a path towards growth and healing through both physical and emotional relief. 
Clients will become more aware of imbalances in both the mind and body that together can lead to anxiety, depression and anger, and will gain tools to quiet the mind, balance the emotions, reduce anxiety and alleviate depression. Through BioDynamic Integrated Therapy, clients feel more grounded, face life challenges with confidence and look at individual challenges from a different perspective.

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